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I’d like to introduce you to the USA Baseball Youth Baseball Skills Matrix (YBSM) located here. The YBSM is described as a comprehensive and detailed timeline that outlines the appropriate age to introduce new skills and concepts to players of all stages. The matrix is broken down into the same four stages of development introduced in USA Baseball’s Athlete Development Model (ADM).

The skills matrix will hereby supersede the PowerPoint slides provided to most of you last year outlining skills development by age group.

I encourage you to read the ADM as well (link), and to not only review the YBSM for the age group you are coaching, but also the target skills of the next age group in the matrix. The latter is very important knowledge as you prepare your age group for the next level. I ask that you conduct a frank assessment of your players’ skills and develop individualized plans for each.

If you require assistance in developing individual improvement plans—which can also include at-home activities—please let me know. I will provide additional info on player development in the coming days.

To all our new coaches, I recommend you read the attached NCLL Coach Certification and Development Plan. While it is under revision, it will give you a sense of NCLL’s commitment to develop you and your players.

Rich Moreta
Baseball Coach/Player Training Coordinator
Northern Calvert Little league

T-Ball - 10 Week Program Guide

This guide prepared by Little League has every practice already developed for you!

Machine Pitch - 12 Week Program Guide
This guide lays out the Machine Pitch (or coach pitch) program for every week, practice by practice!

5 - 8 Year Old Coaching Drills and Practice Tips
Lots of drills and tips for coaching players aged 5 to 8!

9 - 12 Year Old Coaching Drills and Practice Tips
Lots of drills and tips for coaching players aged 9 to 12!

USA Baseball
Free online training courses and programs focused for players, parents, coaches, and umpires from USA Baseball.

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