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General Information -Rick Morrison - [email protected]

Director of Baseball - Larry Hull - [email protected]

T-BallRay Albaugh 
[email protected]
Coach Pitch
Curtis Sharkey
[email protected]
Joe Guido[email protected]
MajorsLisa Dolina[email protected]
 JuniorsLarry Hull[email protected]
Larry Hull[email protected]
Chief Umpire Marc Limburg[email protected]
Equipment Manager Larry Hull/Jason Reese [email protected] / [email protected]

Baseball Rules

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Little League allows the local league(s) to make some rule adjustments for the benefit of play/players where it makes sense.  It may be the number of innings played, additional minimum playing time, at bats, etc.  Each division has specific local season rules (agreed upon by the local league and any other local leagues it will play with).

Below are the local rules for each division.  If a topic is not covered by the local rules, then the requirements/rules listed in the official Little League Rule Book are to be used.  Managers of both teams are responsible for meeting with the Umpire-In-Chief (UIC) before the start of each game to discuss the rules and any questions thereof.  If a topic is not covered by either local rules or the Little League Rule Book, the umpire has the final say in his/her ruling(s).

NCLL Local Baseball Rules 2024


You must bat the continuous lineup. No child can sit consecutive innings on the bench. 5 runs maximum per inning including the last inning. No forfeits allowed. Use player pool, or defensive players from opponent is short players. You may run for the catcher or pitcher with a courtesy runner with 2 outs and the last out in the lineup. Time limit for all divisions except T-Ball will be no new inning after 1:45, and drop dead at 2:00.


The game will be played with the entire team batting each half inning. Game length will be 3 or 4 innings or 90 minutes maximum. There will be no outs. Ball must travel 8 feet from home plate to be considered a hit. The last batter in the lineup shall be announced, and upon hitting the ball will advance all runners including themselves until they reach home plate. No score will be kept, and using a player in the catching position is not allowed.

Coach Pitch

Can play with 4 outfielders if desired. Normally will pitch from a distance of 35’. For weaker batters you may pitch from a closer distance. The maximum pitches per player is 5 per at bat. Foul ball on 5th pitch does not count. No extra bases allowed on overthrows. Once the ball reaches the infield dirt, runners cannot advance past the next base. No steals, and catchers are optional.

Minors AA

The pitching distance will be 40’ from Homeplate. No walks until May 12th, as the coach will take over after ball four to the batter and assume the strike count. After May 12th, the coach will pitch to the batter when the 4th batter is walked in the inning. No bunting or stealing while the coach is pitching.

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Fall 24 Baseball

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Fall 24 Baseball

Tee Ball: League Age 4-5

Coach Pitch: League Age 6-7
Minors: League Age 8-10
Majors: League Age 11-12
Juniors: League Age 13-14
Seniors: League Age 13-16

Tee Ball

Season Dates: 09/07/2024 to 11/10/2024
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Coach Pitch Baseball

Season Dates: 09/07/2024 to 11/10/2024
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Minors Baseball

Season Dates: 09/07/2024 to 11/10/2024
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Majors Baseball

Season Dates: 09/07/2024 to 11/10/2024
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Seniors Baseball

Season Dates: 09/07/2024 to 11/10/2024
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